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Is this what you guys mean by spydiechef?

2022.01.20 23:22 farmerKGBofficer Is this what you guys mean by spydiechef?

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2022.01.20 23:22 mriosdeveloper Link with cannabis and psychosis?

I don’t know about any of you guys, but I was partaking in an absurd amount of the devils lettuce everyday during the first week of initial quarantine back in March 2020.
Next thing you know I’m hallucinating and screaming crying because I thought I saw the end of the world. My parents brought me to a behavioral hospital where they diagnosed me with substance induced bipolar disorder.
Both of my manic episodes began by smoking weed. I really want to try and get off my mood stabilizers and see if it’s really just a fluke and stay away from weed like I have since going on meds.
It’s not worth the risk though.
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2022.01.20 23:22 1000000students Record Firsts in President Biden's First Year

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2022.01.20 23:22 afternooncrypto Encryption: UK data watchdog criticises government campaign

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2022.01.20 23:22 JohnKimble111 Exhausted Biden Returns To Basement To Rest Up For Next Year's Press Conference

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2022.01.20 23:22 Clarkeste I'm getting this weird decision that just says 'x'. I'm playing with no mods on and I've verified the game files. What's up?

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2022.01.20 23:22 eudaemonic666 25 [M4A] Cabal Mobile

Hallo good morning, looking for cabal M players. Paampon ako FB main lvl 150 garuda server kakasimula ko lang last week. Yung may discord server o kaya messenger gc.
Please send me a message 😁
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2022.01.20 23:22 Mynewsify-Website Things are getting edgy here in Ukraine. And cold., FOX News : World

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2022.01.20 23:22 Independent-Use8062 Dogs and poker

Why cant dogs play poker.
Because there tail waggs when they get a good hand
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2022.01.20 23:22 kcaboor [Program Review] The Notorious, PH3

While all my lifts went up a fair amount, I think that some of the strengths of this program aren’t particularly unveiled through singles. I became super technically proficient in all rep ranges and got consistently used to moving some particularly heavy ass weight on a daily basis. Regardless my results were:
Lifts coming into the program:
S: 405 (this was an RPE 10 absolute grind)
B: 245 (I had hit 235 before coming into this program with no spot and it moved so smooth I set it 10 lbs higher)
D: 500 (straps)
Bodyweight: 195
Lifts after (going off projected AMRAPs as I did not want to do a taper just to peak in the gym for now.):
S: 440
B: 265
D: 555
Bodyweight: 203
I included some physique update pictures. I feel like I added some mass to my frame, got a little fatter, and saw most of my gains in my arms, quads, and glutes.
The History
I began lifting around 2017 as a senior in highschool, and continued throughout college. However, I only really began taking my training in a more serious manner once COVID began in 2020. After that point, I entered a period of program-hopping as many intermediates seem to do, and went from nSuns 5/3/1, SBS, JNT 2.0, amongst a few others like Smolov for Bench and Deathbench as I had been chasing a 2 plate bench for longer than I care to admit. I had the most success with RPE and AMRAP style programs like Jacked and Tan and Jeff Nippard’s Powerbuilding before running this program, so I wanted to give a more rigid and volume heavy style of training with PH3.
I didn’t really change much throughout the program, I just occasionally moved when rest days occurred earlier in the program. As it progressed and the fatigue set in, I began to trust them more and strictly adhered to when they were written.
The only way I would have ever considered running this program for the first time was on a bulk, and it is probably the only way I could see someone being successful on it unless they have experience with it.
I came into the program starting at around 195lbs, having been bulking since around August, but I really made sure to ramp up the emphasis on calories and quality protein while running PH3. I started at probably around 3500 calories and ramped it up closer to 4000 as I moved through the intensity block.
A daily day of eating was typically something like this:
Protein Bar
Premier Protein Shake
16oz of Egg whites
Costco Bagel w/Cream cheese
Preworkout Meal like 2 hours before training:
Dried mango/apricots
English muffin
15 minutes before lifting:
1.5 servings of fast digesting candy for carbs (typically Swedish Fish or Rice Krispy)
Cup of rice
8oz of Tofu
Like 600 cals of Peanut Butter
1.5 servings greek yogurt
Cheese/Sweet potato chips/oatmilk for more carbs and fats if needbe
Gatorade or Body Armor on long SBD days
I always made sure to always be around 200-220 grams of protein and as many carbs as possible.
Fish oil
Thoughts on the program:
The program is broken up into 3 month-long phases, Accumulation, Transition, and Intensity blocks.
This phase seemed to set you up to get used to the amount of volume you would be working with and was a useful tool to refine your technique inside of that volume before the program ramps up. I had no problems with this month and found it really did help me adjust to what the coming months would bring. The one tweak I made to my training was comp pausing at the bottom of every bench rep vs allowing TnG. I feel like this allowed me to properly dial in my technique even further and did not allow me to get cheaty with reps or have too much variation between sessions.
Transition: This phase is fairly similar to the Accumulation phase while ramping up the weights across the board. It really was not too bad until I found myself getting a decent amount of elbow tendinitis from the benching and squatting volume towards the end of the phase. I did not skip a single other workout on this program, but skipped the final amrap day of week 4 to give myself a long 4 day weekend over Christmas to let my joints recover, and added some high rep, lighter weight Zottman curls, 21s, and hammer curls after each workout to try and get blood flow to the joints, and the tendinitis seemed to largely disappear.
Intensity Phase: This phase was monstrous, but really pushed me to my limits and showed me a level of grind I was capable of in the gym that I did not know I had in me. I would leave dripping sweat on 4/5 days, and allowed myself to take longer rests whenever needed to ensure I was completing all the reps. I have seen other reviews call this phase insane (which I could totally see with starting numbers higher than my own), but honestly I think it was realistic to get through so long as diet and recovery are dialed in. Working from home and COVID restrictions has made the extracurricular points of training and recovery really easy to focus on
Overall Thoughts:
This is probably my favorite program that I have ever run, and I have never pushed myself as hard as PH3 has the past 3 months in the gym. Squatting 3X a week and moving towards heavy 5s and 3s during the last block was awesome, and I quickly discovered my work capacity for heavy squatting was much higher than I thought. My bench also took huge strides, as I went from being able to do 225 for a single at like an RPE 8.5 to doing 225 for 5x3 with pauses and realistically being able to move it for 5s. Deadlift is a lift I feel I could probably use a 3rd day on like squat as I think this lift improved the least. I was hitting rep max PRs and improved my work capacity; however it just did not feel quite as improved as the other 2 lifts. Still, my projected max moved up 55lbs per the program.
I am planning to run the program again with a few quality-of-life tweaks to it now that I have run it exactly as intended. I am going to swap out incline dumbbell press for an incline hammer machine press, as I think some of my elbow tendinitis not only came from slight overuse but pushing myself too hard on that Day 2 workout and getting the dumbbells into place for the incline press. A machine press will target the chest a bit more directly on the hypertrophy day and allow me to keep my joints fresher. My other tweak is primarily directed at that second day, but also the accessories on the other days. When running it a second time I am going to knock my numbers down a bit and focus more on contraction and not so much consistently adding weight. My accessories did add a fair bit of weight throughout the program, but I think the mentality of chasing numbers hindered me from milking my hypertrophy work as much I could. I will sub out weighted pullups for lat pulldowns, as I think with volume everywhere else, having that as a compound only wore down my joints and I can self-regulate and add weight slower on lat pulls. BFR training was an interesting addition and something I learned to love. It took some trial and error but I really do think it added size to my arms and allowed for additional hypertrophy at lower weights. Lastly, I’m adding in hanging leg raises and cable wood choppers on Days 1, 3, and 5 as I think some dedicated ab work would be beneficial.
What Comes Next?
I am going to continue bulking at around 3700-4k calories throughout this second run and will hopefully end the program at around 210-215lbs with my top few abs still visible before entering a maingain or slower cut in April. My goals lifts will be near 495lb squat, 300lb bench, and 585 deadlift, which while tough I think PH3 can continue to provide me with great results. Anyone who is an intermediate/fits into Layne Norton’s recommendation for Wilks before starting this should run it, as at worst I think it shows you how hard you can truly train.
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2022.01.20 23:22 xnxjxkxkzkxkzkxk Ggg

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2022.01.20 23:22 MericanSamurai Diplomatic lashunta name

I’m trying to come up with a strong diplomatic name for a lashunta solarian male. Trying to come up with one that you hear it and it sounds like a legendary diplomat that has tons of treaties and such under their belt.
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2022.01.20 23:22 mike-sanchez Has anyone tried putting a Straggler fork on a MS?

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2022.01.20 23:22 fml_pro Y̤̠ͨǒ̥͡ų̈͘ W̵̺͒ḁ̜͍n̛̟̐t̳̲͡eͬ͘͜d́ͪ͒ T̷̹͛h̟ͫ͠ë̤͓́ P̶̂͜a̶̧̲s͕ͯs̲̾͟w̶ͅͅo̞̿͠r̡̛͒ḑ̙̳ I̡̩̩s̷̠͊.

I immediately turned to the stage to me not even leaving my flat because I had it first. I get to put my foot down. Everything I talk about when I was composed. I'm doing a lot of times it is.
There were 6 people at a time, you all or you lot or all of this complaint of harassment?
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2022.01.20 23:22 Cerulien One of my referrals (updated app and checked before notifying me) has had this error. Any fix?

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2022.01.20 23:22 KeanuReevesisSexy Newest Mom Snack you find yourself eating

I do NOT like Flamin Hot Cheetos but a couple days ago I was hungry and sick of the same ole crap so.....
Flamin Hot Cheetos & Sour Cream
At first they taste like NOTHING together but give it a couple more bites. It is a delicious lil snack.
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2022.01.20 23:22 Organic_Possible8092 Listen this is in our god's name what about we raid the big chungus resistance and spam about big chungus is god

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2022.01.20 23:22 Gummeeee Is there any reason my friends and I can’t load into the same free roam together?

My friend and I can’t seem to get into the same lobby together, we are in a convoy together and come both sore other players but when we try to play free roam together it just shows a loading symbol over and over, anyone have a fix for this or is the game just fucked?
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2022.01.20 23:22 tinysylveon BOTH of my last aligners cracked! What should I do?

I am on my last two aligners for my plan and I noticed my aligners had a crack in them. I ended up just moving to the last tray and now this one ALSO has a crack in it (not in the same place). What do you guys think I should do? I know if I reach out to SDC it'll take weeks to get replacements and I already ordered my retainers. This is also my 3rd set of aligners because I've requested alignments in the past.
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2022.01.20 23:22 robinsb1 Anyone try Sour Papaya?

It’s from Firelands Scientific (which is a great dispensary in Huron, Ohio). Just trying smalls, smoking & love the calm, high effects. Have you tried it?
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2022.01.20 23:22 azmetrex Your username is now a snack brand, what is it and what would you call it?

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2022.01.20 23:22 Mynewsify-Website Brianna Kupfer murder: UCLA student remembered as ‘brighest part of anyone’s day’ in large vigil, FOX News : U.S.

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2022.01.20 23:22 InsightFood What is the best/safest country to live in if WW III were to happen?

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2022.01.20 23:22 theactualdovahkiin can i use cleansing balm in place of a gua sha oil?

i am trying to eliminate extra steps in my skin care routine & i don’t really wanna put more oils and stuff on my face than needed. i already massage my face when cleansing & use a stainless steel gua sha. i figured 2 birds one stone here but what do y’all think?
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2022.01.20 23:22 Pats87lv Big Horned Sheep- Valley of Fire NV

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