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I'm new to this stuff and I wanna know why people often find me intimidating and kind of "untouchable".

2021.12.08 09:47 SpiteOk0 I'm new to this stuff and I wanna know why people often find me intimidating and kind of "untouchable".

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2021.12.08 09:47 TheStrano Disk Utility not seeing my HDD.

I'm trying to install macOS High Sierra, with a USB drive prepared with UniBeast, on a old SONY VAIO all-in-one form 2009-2010 circa. Those are the specs: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 GPU: nVidia GT240m RAM: 8 GB DDR2 AIO model: Sony Vaio VPCL12S2E
I followed the tonymacx guide for high sierra, it boots into the installer but I don't see my internal HDD (I tried formatting it with GPARTED in HFS+, also tried leaving it unformatted). Unfortunately in my BIOS there's no way to select the AHCI mode, but that should be the mode since the PC shipped with windows 7 out of the box, there's no reason it uses the IDE emulation mode, which should intended for windows XP.
What else could I do?
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2021.12.08 09:47 Trilife 10 new metro stations opened in Moscow today

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2021.12.08 09:47 ooeygooeylove I love my little Vera 🖤 wanted to share some of her pictures 📸

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2021.12.08 09:47 van526 Koodo referral

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2021.12.08 09:47 Tashdacat Am I using the Trust system wrong?

Every time I've used the Trust system it's been a fight and a half to do what a party of players would do in a heartbeat.
Their damage seems far below that of an equivalently leveled player character, and while the AI is good it can't revive, so one bad hit or one misstep will cause you to redo the boss you're fighting.
I've kept trying to use it each dungeon I come to, but always inevitably get frustrated at the limitations of the system. Maybe I'm using it wrong or something because it seems like a great system that so many people have no problem using. Hell some people I know love the system and even prefer it to going with a party.
I dunno, maybe it's me, maybe the trust system is far easier for people playing tank/healer to do, or maybe I'm just doing something wrong. All I know is every time I've tried using it, the damn thing's made me want to scream and I've never been able to successfully finish a dungeon with the system.
Am I doing something wrong here? Any tips for making this system work for me?
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2021.12.08 09:47 ConsistentStop9077 Wer Ordner von katja, Elena, Corinna Kopf, antonia rot, alexis shv, Lara Marie conrads und Nicole kaufen möchte DM 5-10€

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2021.12.08 09:47 E5-C11L Quaker State from 1948 (or so)

I am working on making something as a gift and would love to know what font this is, or something close enough that I can modify to be similar.
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2021.12.08 09:47 zumabbar I dont understand LoTC pricing, and i just realized Sony deleted each of the U4 and LL page from PS Store, only leaving the bundle.

First of all, sorry for not using any flair, i can't figure out which one does this post go to.
So i was initially wondering, that if you preorder the physical/digital LoTC on its own, not through an upgrade, you must pay $50. The upgrade, if you already have any of the PS4 games or the PS4 Bundle, costs $10, and yet U4 and LL each costs way less than 50-10 = $40. I checked the physical copies in my countries marketplace/online shops they are pretty cheap now, like maybe proportionally $20 in US (I'm from Indonesia, and it's around Rp 250k here). I googled both games, and the search results showed that they're $20 each on US PS Store. Since I have U4 only through PS+ Collection, I thought that i should just buy the PS4 game then later apply for the upgrade to save ten bucks! But as i was typing this post, i tried to click the U4/LL PS Store page on the google search results, it showed an error page. And when i search for Uncharted 4 on the store, it only showed the bundle. But then again, i can still just go buy the physical copies of the PS4 game since i have PS5 with the disc drive.
Now, my main point/question is, if i proceed with it, buying the physical copies of the PS4 game and then upgrading instread of buying LoTC on its, will i harm/steal well-deserved profits from Naughty Dog, or will i only screw over Sony? Because if it's the latter, then i definitely going to do it.
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2021.12.08 09:47 Chronomuim_RSA Thoughts on AirPods Max ;

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2021.12.08 09:47 Asadowinn Can I sell this NFT lower than market price? There’s market price is 2.5ETH Can I sell it 1.5ETH? Or need wait?

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2021.12.08 09:47 bigaceog Hello i have a question. I have a stradivarius violin made in 1713 (I believe it might be fake) and it was signed by David Garret i was wondering how much it could sell for

Hello i have a question. I have a stradivarius violin made in 1713 (I believe it might be fake) and it was signed by David Garret i was wondering how much it could sell for submitted by bigaceog to violinist [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 09:47 IamcoolYT South Park Quest Avatars

Does anyone have an Eric Cartman or any South Park Quest compatible Avatars? I've been looking for a while and I could only find PC South Park Avatars. My VRChat User is 'IamcoolYT'
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2021.12.08 09:47 Abdo_Ayman619 Hurt some of my friends of mine so badly that I've been considering suicide

I 18 (M) have hurt multiple friends of mine over the past year to the point that I've been seriously considering suicide, I've become used to the feeling that i ruin everything i touch and i want nothing but to kill myself atm
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2021.12.08 09:47 Call_me_sirius Driving licence date

If I want to add category A(Bike) to my existing licence, does my turn also come a year later like new licences or is it any quicker?
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2021.12.08 09:47 LovableKyle24 I was skeptical to play Ranked in infinite but honestly it works really well

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2021.12.08 09:47 Objective-Patient-37 Work for the Dead

My grandmother had two twin boys that were stillborn. When my father was young his little brother died from Scarlet Fever. When he grew up he asked people from many churches where his brother was. Some said he was in hell since he hadn’t been baptized. Eventually my Dad found the missionaries and was taught about missionary work in the Spirit World and he was baptized.
A few months ago my uncle passed away. At his funeral his friends shared that my uncle was concerned that he wasn’t ready to meet his Maker – because of what he had been ordered to do in Vietnam. My Dad and I didn’t know he served there. His friends shared that my uncle had worked with an intelligence agency and was ordered not to discuss it – he also didn’t like to discuss it. I had a strong impression at his funeral that those he fought against in Vietnam would welcome him with open arms. My uncle had a son who passed away when he was a teenager and a few weeks before my uncle passed away, my Dad's cousin passed away. I believe his son and my Dad's cousin welcomed my uncle with open arms.
Over the summer my mission president passed away. He and I were in the same ward when he was serving as Temple President. At his funeral his son shared that when his father was called to serve as the stake president, the General Authority told him" "There are many more brothers I interviewed who are more qualified than you - more experienced, more financially stable, but the Lord wants you to serve. I figure that's because you have the greatest capacity to love."
I testify the Savior organized missionary work in the Spirit World and wants all of His children to hear the gospel and how families can be eternal.
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2021.12.08 09:47 scientist008 Home keys feature for Aqara Door Lock N100 Zigbee (2021 EU version)?

Will home keys feature will be added to Aqara N100 Door Lock Zigbee (2021 EU version)? Aqara support replied me via email that this feature will not be added and that is disappointing as I just bought it and its released in 2021, NFC is useless as Aqara NFC cards are not available in my country and it works with Xiaomi products only. This model has all the hardware requirements and Homekit is already implemented and has dedicated Apple chip. As an Apple ecosystem user, unlocking with Apple Watch and Wallet would makes more sense and would put NFC to good use, I just don't get why would Aqara would let us down by not adding it.

Andrew from Aqara replied on reddit e few months ago that N100 Zigbee will get the feature, is that true nowadays? Thank you
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2021.12.08 09:47 bvttfvcker The MOASS is probably today.

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2021.12.08 09:47 StitchKh Актёры и их дублёры

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2021.12.08 09:47 No-779 You disingenuous dense moth

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2021.12.08 09:47 Thrownaway44332 How do I work from home without overworking?

So I am currently doing QA for a company in office. I learned during the first week or so I was far more efficient than anyone else on the team. That in barely a hours work, I'd have a days work done for everyone else. So the significant majority of my day is strolling reddit, reading books, keeping up to date on stocks and crypto, etc.
The business is talking about going full remote again while Omnicron does it's thing. Last time they went remote they used a screen recording program to make sure people were actually working. They apparently didn't check it often, but confirmed everyone was working at random during a few months.
So I'm trying to figure out what to do since it seems like I would need to be fully active while I am working in order to keep the program from flagging me, but also working a fully day would show that I have been putting in minimal effort since I've worked here. Would appreciate any advice anyone may have on the situation I'm in. Thanks.
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2021.12.08 09:47 ThePepeFamily Pepe's GAME NOW! WIN for AIRDROP!

Call yourself in the game AS YOUR DISCORD NAME PLS! (either NO AIRDROP!) https://www.drawize.com/play#friends=PEPES https://discord.gg/XZHt6tgzJg
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2021.12.08 09:47 Da_Beeg_Yoshi Favorite Attack and Defense Operators?

Hey guys, Im looking for a new attack and defense operator to grab and was wondering what are some of your favorites? So far im really liking Iana on attack and Valkyrie on defense but what about you?
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2021.12.08 09:47 CelebBattleVoteBot Israeli beauties: Eden Fines vs. Yael Shelbia

View Poll
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