2021.12.08 08:52 APLE_011 Stromnza

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2021.12.08 08:52 robertraur This Friday (12/10) The Manship Presents Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban Spoof Night at 7:30

Come celebrate the 3rd of 8 Harry Potter movies (but first in hour hearts) this Friday at the Manship with The Family Dinner Improv Troupe.
If you've never been to one of these shows, its similar to Mystery Science Theater 3000 with a live riffing of the movie. There will also be games and prizes for all.
Tickets can be bought at the Manship Website, and check out other Manship events like our improv show on Januay 14th or Twister spoof night on March 4th.
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2021.12.08 08:52 Gowithbest78 Business ideas of Cosmetics

Beauty and beauty products have always found a favorable audience and continue to be popular and sought after products, thus making beauty and cosmetic products a serious business opportunity that is witnessing a steady and consistent growth. This growth and demand for cosmetic products is seen more so now especially in the times of social media platforms, video blogs and Instagram, when every new cosmetic product is tried, tested, promoted and advertised via several influencers and celebrities.

Cosmetics business is evergreen & popular sector that has several new products being introduced routinely and is something that most individuals require routinely.

Cosmetics refers to products and solutions used for skincare, nails, haircare, complexion, which take care of them and help enhance the skin, hair, nails, complexion, thus further resulting in an overall enhancement of one’s appearance.

If you want to get extra details of good Teeth whitening product then drop me a mail at growwithbest78@gmail. com ( remove space in mail)
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2021.12.08 08:52 willdoitomorrow Family still hangs out with family member that touched us

About 2 years ago our extended family started hanging out more often and getting more close after a long time. We would always talk and keep in touch but it was mostly for holidays and that. We now hang out pretty much weekly. But about 7 months ago i was touched inappropriately by one of them. I was 19 than, he was around 75. I never intended to tell anyone untill a thought started creepying in that he may do something similar to my little cousins. I asked them both about it, but never directly. I asked "Did u greet him? How did he greet you? Did he act weird?" ect... It was than that my 12 year old cousin told me that he has touched her too on multiple occasions and would always ask her weird love and sexual questions. My stomach absolutely dropped. I made sure that she was comfortable and we made a deal to tell our parents the same day. I was scared shitless because i expected people to flip out. But instead none of them really seemed to care, especially her mom and dad (my aunt and uncle). In fact, they all made 100 excuses for it while saying "it doesn't excuse it BUT...." My mom even ended up yelling at me because i told her infront of my brother because now she was worried he was gonnna do something to him. I felt so alone after that and never talked to anyone about it again. My aunt called him few days later and confronted him. All she said was that "we're girls and he's not supossed to act like this with us". She told his wife and daughter just so they know too. Since than we pretty much never talked about it again. My side of the family cut ties with him but he still comes around to my aunts and they all hang out with him, acting like nothing ever happened. He has refused to come many time because he's embarrassed about it and knows we don't want him there - that would be great if my aunt wouldn't literally yell at him, telling him he's always welcomed and that we all want him there. I have seen how it has effected my cousin and it breaks my heart. She always hides in her room when they come and refuses to come down. I make sure to always stay with her but like ??Why does she need to hide in her own home?? My family is very opinionated, loud and hotheaded. I have no idea why this was the issues they all decided to stay quiet calm and collected about. I later found out that he has done this to another 14 year old hitchhiker girl he picked up from school. I AM SICK OF PRETENDING THIS IS NORMAL
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2021.12.08 08:52 Psychological-Ad181 Kaos Corpus

What up,
We are an anime, gaming loving and chill community.
Looking for people to play instead of playing with randoms?
Feel free to take a look and help us grow together.

PS: yes you can have your own private voice channel for you and your friends
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2021.12.08 08:52 CookieMisha Bug: can't buy any TFT coins ever since they released. Local small currency, therefore no bundles available. :(

Bug: can't buy any TFT coins ever since they released. Local small currency, therefore no bundles available. :( submitted by CookieMisha to TeamfightTactics [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 08:52 dracogoat I literally cannot play the game.

Title. When the game opens, I just get message about the sprites messing everything up. It's been like this since I opened Hearthstone 12 hours ago. Any fixes? Stupid sprites ):-v
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2021.12.08 08:52 thebigguy238 finished the walking dead games for the first time, so i made a meme lol

also post art, may or may not do that soon.
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2021.12.08 08:52 SHIT-CHRIS Gremlins, an absolute classic - Day 8 of my 25 day Christmas horror film showcase!

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2021.12.08 08:52 jobsinanywhere US oil executives reject Biden officials’ criticism over tight supply

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2021.12.08 08:52 YungZmarto Is this chair a real Herman Miller Aeron

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2021.12.08 08:52 _jamiegilder Automated Reserve Sanctions.

Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever been hit with a Reserve cap on their account?
I'm a relatively new user to Stripe. Early on, a customer initiated a dispute in error with their bank. Stripe notified me, and at the time I had only ran 6 payments with Stripe. Because of a 16.67% dispute rate, naturally, funds went in to a 25% reserve and held for a month (to be released Christmas Eve).
Note: This dispute was raised in error by the customer, the customer was contacted by myself, and his bank overturned the dispute within 24 hours. The reserve on my account stayed, which I understand, I'm okay with that. - Risk is a two way street, and I totally understand why Stripe imposed that on my account.
However, creating a good standing with Stripe is obviously my main priority. Just 48 hours ago, I received an email for my Payouts to be lowered from 7 days, to 3 days; amazing news! On the day that I ran my 20th payment with Stripe. A nice and satisfying milestone for me.
Last night, I received an email explaining that because my dispute rate has now hit 5% (1 in 20 payments). And I quote:

"Currently, 5% of charges on your account have been disputed. Per industry standards, it’s difficult for us to support businesses with dispute rates above 1% (by volume or count) on an ongoing basis. It generally takes a month after the date of the charge before a customer submits a dispute, so this rate will likely continue to climb.
Given your elevated dispute rate, we will need to hold 50% of all transactions until January 6, 2022 in reserve."
Let me clarify what's happened here. My account has "hit" 5% dispute rate, because payments continually being ran on my account, the dispute rate has dropped from its original 16.67% (1 in 6 payments disputed) to 5% (1 in 20 payments disputed). I have hit 5% because I'm running payments?!
So tell me, when I run my 90th payment, and I hit 1.1% "which is above the 1% industry standard", and I going to be penalised again for hitting this milestone?
Something tells me this is an automated trigger on the account: ....He's hit 5%, new reserve.
And yes, I've spoken with Support. The agents there seem not understand the timeline of events, and why I've hit 5%, as they keep reiterating that hitting 5% is concerning and that's why the new Reserve is placed on my account. Going back to their email to me, "given your elevated depute rate". Nothing has been elevated. 5% dispute rate has been reach because the margin has continuously diluted down to 5% because I am running payments!

I'm interested in seeing if anybody else has ran in to something like this?

TLDR; was placed on a 25% reserve because of a dispute, (1 in 6 payments @ 16.67% dispute margin). I ran my 20th payment, got my dispute margin down to 5% (1 in 20), and was automatically hit with a 50% Reserve cap incorrectly.
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2021.12.08 08:52 Garlicbreadislyf Formations and tactics

Just started playing properly this year and I’m trying to decide on a formation, I’ve tried a few out but not sure I’ve got the right tactics, they just feel a little vulnerable. I suppose I could also be using the wrong types of players. I’ve used 442, 41212 and 4312 so far
I used 442 and 4312 all of last year. I like to have 2 strikers up front and avoid 5 backs.
What formations and Tactics have worked well for you guys this year so far?
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2021.12.08 08:52 bryanhudgens17 Drake withdraws nominations for 2022 Grammys - It's Celebrity

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2021.12.08 08:52 TheMarketingMystic 🔔 Reminder — You are what you want to become, You are the seed & the apple.

The seed is the tree and the tree is the apple
The apple is the seed and the tree is the seed
The tree is the apple and the seed is the apple
Getting weird, huh?
We can write these statements in different ways
The truth remains the same
All are one
We do not become anything or create anything really
We just manifest different phases of consciousness
Health, abundance, love, happiness, tranquillity, self-security
All of these are phases of consciousness
Acceptance as one with a phase of consciousness manifests the result in your divine experience
Does a child become a man? No! it is the nature of the child to become a man (another level of consciousness)
It is your divine nature to experience all the good you can accept in the same manner
All is consciousness
Accept it as your divine nature
Think it, feel it, act it, and it will be manifested in your experience
What dominates your consciousness?
Which phases of consciousness have you built an identity around?
Affirmation For The Day — Personalized
It is my divine nature to be {add what you want to be}
I am one with {add what you want}
I accept {add what you want} as the only truth
Nothing is true except {add what you want} which I am and which is my nature
I am grateful in every moment for the {add results which you want to see}
Enjoy your day
I love you 🙏🌈
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2021.12.08 08:52 McKayha Medium Prismatic Lamp on sale at 75% off!

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2021.12.08 08:52 8orBit Live MIDI beat activating visualisations and DMX lights

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2021.12.08 08:52 TheMessiahOfMooism If I stay up all night and sleep my day away is that insomnia?

I guess you could say that my routine is going to sleep past 6am and getting up at 5pm and then staying up all night. I stayed up for 30 hours 2 days ago to try and flip this do I can enjoy my day and just 2 days later I'm already back in that cycle. When I try and sleep at night o can only sleep for at most 4 hours (and that was after staying up for 30 hours) but when the sun comes up I sleep hard as a rock for 8-9 hours. I just wish I could flip it so I could see the sun without having to stay up for 24 hours.
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2021.12.08 08:52 WorldMemeKing Indian CDS Bipin Rawat onboard IAF Helicopter Mi-17V5 crashes

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2021.12.08 08:52 throwawaypkmntrainer My boyfriend asked "Do you want to live together?" and I cried

Him and I have been dating for four months now. He's my first ever boyfriend and relationship. I've always lived by myself and he's always lived with family. His family is thinking of moving within the next year or so, and he decided that he would not be moving with them. That was when he asked me the question of "Do you want to live together?".
I cried because I love him so much and I want to be together with him now in the present and also together in the future. We both reaffirmed how much we love each other and how much we want to be together with each other.
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2021.12.08 08:52 SSJ___ Whats your favourite or naughtiest kink/fetish (no judgement here) ?

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2021.12.08 08:52 WaterMalone_Crust He always said he was reliable

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2021.12.08 08:52 zegaoyi Hi there! This is my recording of F. Chopin's Étude in G-flat major, Op. 10 No. 5. Musically speaking, are there any areas I can work on? (Write out the timestamps if needed) Thank you for the feedback!

Hi there! This is my recording of F. Chopin's Étude in G-flat major, Op. 10 No. 5. Musically speaking, are there any areas I can work on? (Write out the timestamps if needed) Thank you for the feedback! submitted by zegaoyi to lingling40hrs [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 08:52 bimodaldist How much does VladTV pay former wise guys?

Case in point:
I doubt that these guys are just dying to get filmed so could Vlad be offering some kind of immediate reward? It’s likely, but how much would be worth it?
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