My first try at one of these. Hope it's funny.

2021.10.23 14:35 24hourcinderella My first try at one of these. Hope it's funny.

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2021.10.23 14:35 Pebbles_Iguess What the fuck

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2021.10.23 14:35 Im-A-Scared-Child Slash is the only person who becomes more recognizable when he puts on sunglasses.

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2021.10.23 14:35 youdontknowmae Hello, I'm posting this link due to the small activity in this server, I would like it if some of you who are reading this post would to join this server and just help it out in a way, it'd mean a lot for me. -The Owner

Hello, I'm posting this link due to the small activity in this server, I would like it if some of you who are reading this post would to join this server and just help it out in a way, it'd mean a lot for me. -The Owner submitted by youdontknowmae to HelluvaBoss [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 14:35 missing__star I think i know what car it is but just wanna be sure

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2021.10.23 14:35 FrontpageWatch2020 [#75|+19834|156] Obama gaming [r/shitposting]

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2021.10.23 14:35 Ostblocktricker You can change a company but not a person, why I left few start ups. Part 1

Hey everybody,

today I want to discuss a very important topic about starting/creating a start up.
I was always sort of involved in start ups, in the beginning I was still in the uni and did not finish my degree yet but wanted to gain some expierence in this field. For someone like me, without any well defined hardskills, the first start ups I was involved it where very shitty.

The first one was managing insta profiles, my friend and I got a call from a friend of a friend that his friend is starting manging insta profiles and stuff like that and needs people and money. We got into touch with him and after a call , we had a meeting and he promisis us the world and how great the company is runing and needs us because he cant handle how much request he has. We jumped right into because1. we where hungry 1.we had nothing to lose 3.we didnt had to pay in but we also didnt get any money in the beginning.
I started this job and everything was very messy. We started to sort out everything. We spend dozens of hours to build the foundation and we tought they do they same with clients and other stuff. We spent a good porttion of the day (everyday) sorting stuff out and manging everything. He got more and more work and starting "helping" everybody out. Which was basicly doing their work.
Afterwhile we asked him about all the promisis like events , a office and of course money. I put at least 3-4 hours a day into it for months everyday without a penny. He started making excuses and said that we will get money.
Everything got more and more redicoules but it was my first expierence and I was naive so I hoped for the best. Anyway afterwhile he asked me If I want to invest and get 10% of the company for 10k which was a lot of money for me (more than I could afford) but anyway I said yes only if he shows first all the numbers, records, cashflow etc. and if this is good than I invest. I was still in the believe that they do a lot of money but dont want share it with me or something like that.
Few weeks later he started to be pushy and wanted me to invest 2k-3k into stuff because he didnt finish his report yet and soon everything will be sorted out anyway. I declined and Insisted on the report and few days he got me accsses to few more intern stuff and all I found was that everything that was done, was done by me and my friend at least 80%-90%.
When I saw that it hit me, I checked all the other accounts the had to manage and they did nothing expect the time they where sick or on vacation because than I manage the account (which happend a lot)
I called him and confronted him about it. He gave some lame excuses tried to convince me and asked again for the money. I said I need the numbers. Afterwhile he didnt gave me everything but threatened me to sue me if I dont pay at least 2k. I was angry and we had some talks and he tried to guilt shame me and everything but I blocked him and thats it. Later I found out that all the money they made was because of me and my friend and I left I checked the company few times and they closed their business.

My friend and I had a sit down, to reflect on what happend and we both realized something very important. He was a scammer all along he told us, in the first day that he scammed 2 years of salary out a company and in the secound company he was involved he always made sure he has to work the least. We tought damn he will not scamm us but the others but once a rat always a rat !

People dont change espacially when they dont need to !

Part 2 is coming

Thank you !
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2021.10.23 14:35 Historical_Lecture94 I have 86 Vardy and many different packs

I want 97 Maradona,96 Ronaldo,Prime Xavi,Prime Puskas(any of them or all of them )
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2021.10.23 14:35 Worth_Tie8694 🐶Shiba Dash just launched!, 💸 6% Shiba Rewards 🔥 (Fair Launch, LP Locked for 1 Year), Missed Doge Dash? Don’t miss this one! 🟡

About us?
We are the best thing to happen to rewards tokens to date. We see ourselves as a long-term project and plan to work extraordinarily hard to deliver for our holders. Based on our project $ShibaDash rewards will be awarded in $SHIB. Therefore if you simply hold tokens 6% of rewards will be allotted in $SHIB
Here at $ShibaDash, our goal is simple. We want to truly reward our holders. Most other reward tokens give out small rewards and they don’t really make it worthwhile to hold their token. We want to change all that. We’ve been working incredibly hard to find creative ways to make the best rewards token we possibly can. So here’s what we’re doing to change the game.
Now on top of all this we also have a really neat buy-back staking feature we’re going to be implementing at launch. After every buy and sell, 1% of the transaction is sent to a wallet. This wallet keeps building, then at a desired amount, we stake the holdings of the wallet. After staking is finished we use these funds to purchase $ShibaDash in times of low volume or during dips. Then these tokens are reflected back to our holders. That is three separate ways we reward you for buying and being a loyal holder.
Coming in the following months after launch, we plan to release our own re-loadable crypto credit card! From our Rewards Hub, you will be able to choose the card as an option and the instantly have your rewards sent to the card in a usable currency. You will be able to make purchases anywhere that a regular credit card would be accepted.
So surely you don’t want to miss out on our up coming presale, this is one true gem of a project. Be sure to join our telegram group and follow us on twitter for all the latest information!
Marketing Plan
💰We will have a large marketing push at this point and advertise EVERYWHERE, we aleready have a huge budged collected from external investors. Once we get some holders and some volume flowing, we are planning to apply on CoinGecko and we will have great exposure there. We have plans for billboards, websites, online literature website, and buy votes for every crypto charting and ranking platforms. After a successful push we hope to have roughly High active members in our Telegram group. 💪
6% Base RewardsThis amount gets gets sent right back to our holders in the form of user-chosen rewards.
2% LiquidityThis amount gets sent right to our Liquidity Pool
1% For MarketingThese funds will be used for future marketing endeavours, such as billboards, online ads, AMA's, and giveaways.
1% Staking Buy-BackThese are the funds that get staked, then used as a buyback function, then the bought tokens get reflected back to holders.
🐶 Links:
Contract address: 0x4764e87f18b2c6b13122c4abfe1115cda9ab2ff1
Renounced Ownership:
LP Locked:
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2021.10.23 14:35 snokamel Shotgun loadout

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2021.10.23 14:35 MoJo_LoJo_Media What would be the best comp for this?

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2021.10.23 14:35 unsh1728 [FS][USA-NJ] 22U Open Server Rack w/ Monitor Mount and Power

Selling just about the last of my homelab. I have a 22U open server rack on caster wheels. It is adjustable depth but currently set to about 33". It comes with a custom made black top with a monitor and monitor mount with space for a keyboard and mouse.
Additionally the rack had a 1u 6 outlet pdu mounted and 2 16 outlet power strips mounted on the sides (see photos)
Looking to sell the whole thing for $150
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2021.10.23 14:35 FrontpageWatch2020 [#196|+2146|21] The hardest choice [r/ihadastroke]

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2021.10.23 14:35 holiday105 I accidentally made a shimmering ink by mixing two non shimmering inks

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2021.10.23 14:35 Silentlyill Banana Cake 🔥

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2021.10.23 14:35 dirthurts Is it just me, or does every monitor im under 2k kind of have horrible contrast?

I've been looking for something with decent contrast, local dimming basically, and these things start out at far more than a 55 inch OLED. And they still have worse image quality. What is going on here?????? I'm on a 5 year old 1440p 144hz still because nothing under a fortune has improved at all.
Anyone else?
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2021.10.23 14:35 Similar_Board3225 What are your thoughts on mocking people who read books?

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2021.10.23 14:35 Syvinx Flawless and adept!

After years, and i mean years, of playing solo i finally went flawless and got my first adept weapon in destiny 2. Unfortunate its the sword but i dont even care, what i great feeling to have, id like to thank bungie for free lance and all you sweats out there not even trying becuase its the sword thats adept this week.
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2021.10.23 14:35 beautefortuite How to cleanse my house if counter-clockwise doesn’t really work…

The way my house is built it doesn’t really lend itself to walking around counter clockwise to banish. I could do it at the beginning but at the end I would be going clockwise or I would be retracing steps. Suggestions? If a diagram would be helpful maybe I could post one in the comments?
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2021.10.23 14:35 Backroomslover Squid Bear (Bear ALPHA)

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2021.10.23 14:35 IstorikosPerihghths The Life and Tragic Death of Hypatia, the famous ancient Greek Philosopher, Mathematician and Astronomer (English subtitles included)

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2021.10.23 14:35 thatsfackenguy He do be angy doe

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2021.10.23 14:35 FrontpageWatch2020 [#727|+1208|48] Facebook researchers were warning about its recommendations fueling QAnon in 2019 [r/technews]

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2021.10.23 14:35 StruggleOk3695 Hof help with Stigmata please!

Hi guys, I need some help! I had gotten hof’s weapon and her too stigmata but I don’t know which stig set to go for, idk if I should use her top and find another m and b or go for lwhk T B and Thales M
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2021.10.23 14:35 Skunko Say what you want about pedophiles...

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