[WTS] Topographic Tuya Argon!

Full range of smart device development tools, downloads and documentations.Connect your devices and products to the Internet of Things. Tap the menu icon. Open with your default browser. Smart Life. Formal version TUYA-CONVERT. A Chinese company named Tuya offers a free-to-brand turnkey smart home solution to anyone. Using their offer is dead-simple, since everything can be done by clicking through the Tuya web page, from choosing your pre-designed products or pre-programmed wifi-modules (mostly ESP8266) to building your own app.In the end, this has resulted in as they claim over 11 000 devices 'made ... {"success":false,"errorCode":"MOVED_PERMANENTLY","errorMsg":"MOVED_PERMANENTLY"} ¿Ya eres cliente Tuya? Ingresa y descubre un mundo lleno de posibilidades. Conoce más de nuestros productos, dónde puedes pagar y los grandes descuentos que puedes disfrutar. Tuya outlines MCU chipset replacement plan as revenue hits 118% YoY growth in Q2. Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA), a global IoT development platform, recently announced that total revenues grew by 118% ... {"success":false,"errorCode":"MOVED_PERMANENTLY","errorMsg":"MOVED_PERMANENTLY"} The Tuya integration allows integrating all Powered by Tuya devices you have added to the Tuya Smart and Tuya Smart Life apps. This integration is officially maintained by Tuya. Supported platforms. Climate: air conditioner, heater, thermostat. Fan: fan, air purifier, humidifier, dehumidifier. {"success":false,"errorCode":"MOVED_PERMANENTLY","errorMsg":"MOVED_PERMANENTLY"} Tuya IoT Python SDK for Tuya Open API. Python 25 MIT 17 5 0 Updated Oct 18, 2021 tuya-iotos-embeded-demo-wifi-ble-wireless-portable-label-printer Public

2021.10.23 14:51 ------unknown------- [WTS] Topographic Tuya Argon!

Timestamp/Pics: http://imgur.com/a/6jwS6W6
Got a solid titanium frame lock here with some really cool topographic scales!
(B+) Tuya Argon: Knife has been carried and cut some paper to test it, I am the first owner. The scales and the clip have a few snail trails but otherwise the knife is in great shape blade is just about brand new! Titanium frame lock! S35VN steel!
SV:$96.69 shipped
ConUs only
No notes in PayPal
Thanks for looking!!
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2021.10.23 14:51 Papa_Palpatine99 Am I on the right track for Computershare?

So I've sent my first batch of shares to CS, got the confirmation that my shares are available on CS on the IBKR notification.
I've just got off a call with CS and was told by the representative that I can either wait 10 business days for the statement to arrive to create my online account or phone again on Monday to request the expedited mail to set it up sooner.
I asked her if since my account wasn't formally made if I was able to DRS more shares from my IBKR account and this is where I got confused. The rep told me that another CS account would be made (for the same stock) and there was some ambiguity on whether the accounts could merge at a later date or not.
I don't blame her in any way if she was unsure, I'm certain many people DRSing and phoning is somewhat overwhelming their departments with questions only apes could ask.
The rep also seemed to imply that I don't need to phone again/or receive mail to get the pin for the second part of the account registration process.
Even after getting off the call, making this post my memory is a little fuzzy so I may remember more details and post in the comments.
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2021.10.23 14:51 Mattoz1999 Which Squad is Better?

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2021.10.23 14:51 breadman_brednan when does the battlepass reset?

as in, i am level 7, how long until i go back to lvl 0?
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2021.10.23 14:51 Gwbean 3 year old attacks blonde girls

Hi everyone!
I'm pretty sure I have posted before about my sons behaviour. He finally talks, which is glorious, even when I hear mummy over and over I love it.
His hitting children has decreased slightly. He now had random acts of hitting blonde girls when at nursery or out and about. We went out yesterday with the MIL and he was being an angel, we walked down the last aisle in the shop and he went and smacked this 7 year old blonde girl in the face.
Nursery have noticed blonde girls are a trigger too. I have tried being patient with him and explaining, now he gets a telling off and we take him straight home. He is allowed no treats or tv for the whole day after and I explain why everytime.
A SEN lady came to observe him and some other children at nursery. She suggested nursery getting a blonde doll to see if that helps. I have ordered a blonde 18in doll. I'm hoping if we brush her hair and play with her he will improve on these behaviours. Whilst his speech has improved, he still cant verbalize why he does this. I worry he will really injure someone, as he is big for his size.
It's an odd thing, but has anyone had experience of this?
Thank you
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2021.10.23 14:51 robespierre__ A fully functional LEGO Rubik’s cube (always amazed)

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2021.10.23 14:51 JKipper Queen Vanny

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2021.10.23 14:51 nothingspecialva Is it me or that number of youtubers giving buying advice on new MacBooks *without having the actual laptops* is getting ridiculous

At this pace i would not be surprised if we see a video of "why i returned my M1 max laptop" before apple actually ships the first unit
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2021.10.23 14:51 SluttyNastyPet Upvote please!!

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2021.10.23 14:51 Voyacan UFO sighting I had a few months ago

Hello all! I'd like to share my experience with a UFO. It's a bit underwhelming but I was pretty stoked at the time.
I was on deployment in the coral sea off of the coast of Austrailia in the middle of the ocean. At night in the middle of the sea, star gazing is amazing because of the lack of light pollution. My girlfriend and I were out talking and looking at the stars, when she spots a dim looking star moving around. She points it out to me and at first I didn't see it, but then it moved! it would move rapidly in a direction and then stop on a dime, them move in a different direction. Then it kind of just disappeared.
I apologize for not having photos or video, this event was pretty rapid and I didn't have the time to whip out my phone. we were also on a moving ship, plus is was really dark so the video wouldn't have been good anyways. I did however use my garmin watch to get an approximate grid of where we were when we witnessed it.
MGRS 55K EB 4163 0318 in the NE direction from the position.
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2021.10.23 14:51 _Flipper I finished the show a week ago

After finishing the show. My heart was shattered. I can’t stand but feel emptiness. One of the best show I’ve ever watched. I don’t know what to watch now and fill in the emptiness.
You guys have any shows u can recommend me?
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2021.10.23 14:51 uthinkubettahthanme Looking for local events for writers

I'm looking for local events for writers if there are any. I am just getting started in my writing career and would love to learn more from professionals. I'm currently writing a horror movie and I'm so excited to connect with writers and people in the film indusrty! I've looked into Meetup already, but would like to know about readings at book stores, conventions, conferences, etc.
I see there is a Fall conference in Durham in November, is anyone from here planning on going? Thanks!
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2021.10.23 14:51 ishant3838 Will my voice get deeper?

Im just about to turn 17 and i have the voice of a girl. So, will my voice ever change or am i just stuck like this?
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2021.10.23 14:51 jackchickengravy A Spooky Interrogation (@jackbrady1010)

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2021.10.23 14:51 spokenenglishtips English speaking Course Structures | spoken English topics pdf

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2021.10.23 14:51 BlackViperMWG Help me make Marauder Bounty Hunter work

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2021.10.23 14:51 MrExclusivity Fish Friends Been Taken Away Part 1 - I Am Fish

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2021.10.23 14:51 WhatTheHotDogNFT ALL FREE, remember to burn to raise rarity

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2021.10.23 14:51 Ambitious_Rutabaga93 ??????

Stop sending me junkmail
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2021.10.23 14:51 molitw Took pills in completely the wrong order!

I just went to take my pill for today (Saturday) and noticed that Fridays was still in the packet. I followed the instructions to take Fridays and Saturdays together and then because there are less than 7 pills left I should go straight into a new pack. However, I’ve noticed that my Friday pill at the end of the pack is missing - (as I usually start on a Saturday so my final pill before break week would be a Friday), so I think last night I took my pill from the wrong Friday and didn’t follow the arrows. If that all makes sense, my question is does it matter if I took two today and I didn’t skip one yesterday? Secondly, last pill is now on a Thursday. Should I start my break week on the Friday or should I go straight into a new pack?
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2021.10.23 14:51 Davidtm237 [WTS] GP Omni-8 PVS-14 $2100 (TN)

What’s up GAFS have 3 more green phos 14’s that were part of an order for a customer until they had some financial issues come up. After this drop I only have one more in me and then I’m calling it quits to focus on the newborn. As always dibs call it. Currently ONLY accepting Cashapp and Venmo.
Tubes are 11769 built on carson parts. The omni 8’s have no spec sheets but must meet certain minimum specs I can post for those who are interested.
Trades- T1/T2 aimpoints plus cash, FP lasers, RG kits. Only upper I’d be interested in is a DD M4A1 w FSP. Anything worth while feel free to offer.
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2021.10.23 14:51 Branboni1 Where to read?

Hi! Wanted to ask if anyone knows where i can read volume 20-21 in english, where i was reading it stops at volume 19
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2021.10.23 14:51 FewDescription5728 אסיף אחרי שהפורטנייט מת pov:

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2021.10.23 14:51 jessplaysit Their eyes…

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2021.10.23 14:51 purplecandymonster Unicorn coffee

Has anyone been? Looks nice. I’ll report back !
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