DGD Twitter Statement

2021.09.26 07:57 hedonist_juice DGD Twitter Statement

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2021.09.26 07:57 Tostitoes One more point on XP in regards to XP Boosters and Challenges

What is the point of the XP Boosters being timed in the manner that they are if you only get XP on completed Challenges? It would make more sense to be a booster that you apply to your active challenges or something. They count down in lobby, they count down in game...but the only time you get XP is on the completion of a challenge at the end of game.
With it the way it is, if I play a Big team game that runs for the duration, I what....two matches with a double XP booster?
Hopefully I complete a challenge at the end
Also, I cant stack them, so if I go to queue with less than 6 minutes left, I might as well wash it up.
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2021.09.26 07:57 arvimatthew Upped my game in making my own coiled cable. Can't wait for my matching deskpads and new colors to arrive!

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2021.09.26 07:57 Shorterthanshit how do you transfer iCloud from a lost phone?

I lost my old phone and I am trying to transfer its icloud data to a new phone. The issue is that to transfer the data it sends a verification code to my lost phone that I don't have, and I don't have that phone number on another device. Does anyone know a way around this? Anything helps, Thanks.
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2021.09.26 07:57 autumnalentity Did anyone here with SAA NOT get a transplant?

I joined reddit just for this subreddit! I was diagnosed with SAA 4 months ago and have been super struggling with infections ever since. I’ve been on immune-suppressant therapy for three months now and my neutrophil count is still literally zero and it’s never once fluctuated. None of my blood cell counts have improved yet and I get platelet and RBC transfusions weekly. The transplant is looking more and more attractive. I don’t have a matched sibling but I have some potential full-match unrelated donors.
It looks like most of the posters here with SAA ended up getting the transplant. Did ATG prove successful for anyone with SAA here? If so, how long did it take?
P.S. I’m 27 and, as some of you described, this all happened so fast for me as well. I went from being the healthiest I’ve ever been to…not being that way…almost overnight.
P.P.S. I did 4 days of Atgam and am on cyclosporine and promacta along with all those fun antibiotics.
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2021.09.26 07:57 Surfnet05 What "normal" people think.....

Looking at Mailonline, Im always amazed at what people think of Teslas and how they are influenced by what they hear and believe about this car..Read the comments. Its pretty amazing , to me anyway
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2021.09.26 07:57 PapaToothbrush Huh? Didn't count on the stats but I get to keep it?

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2021.09.26 07:57 spagarus (RAD) Which mod turns you into a ghost when you die?

My brother and I started playing the RAD modpack together via LAN, and we're fairly new to modded Minecraft. He has died a few times in this world and every time he dies, he turns into a "ghost" where mobs won't aggro onto him and he can't do much until he goes back to his corpse. From my view, his ghost doesn't look much different aside from his name being red. What mod is this from and is there anyway to remove/configure it? Sometimes when dying, he doesn't want to bother retrieving his stuffs because it isn't worth the travel and trouble, so this feature that forces you to return to your body to be alive again is a bit of a nuisance. Or is there a mod in the modpack that allows us to tp to our corpses? Appreciate any help given!
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2021.09.26 07:57 SatisfactionAdept299 Jerry

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2021.09.26 07:57 SomewherePractical82 What am I doing wrong?

In my [21M] experience, CMB has some of the highest quality matches out there. On literally every other app/site, I find myself dismissing a hundred profiles and maybe "swiping right" (God, I hate that term) on ten (I'm not ridiculously picky, but when I've seen the 101st badly-lit duckface selfie with a weird butterfly filter with a bio that includes 1 or 2 words and invariably bad grammar, I'm not particularly impressed or drawn to someone).
That said, it doesn't seem like I've had much success on there. So far, I've gotten a whopping four matches (granted, I have only been using it intensely for around three weeks now; although one of those matches was from a previous bout of activity about two months back). I had conversations with 3 of them (all of which just ended in ghosting on their part, which honestly makes sense in hindsight since my responses were pretty dry blocks of text) and didn't communicate at all with the last one.
I've been getting matches on other apps and chatting with them, but I'm honestly just not interested in most of them... I don't want a date at all costs, I want someone wholesome, orderly, cultured, and kind who I can commit to and, in turn, expect commitment from.
I've expanded my bagel filter significantly in the last few days, so now I'm getting 20+ bagels every day and essentially liking all of them (with a few exceptions), yet I haven't had a single response.
Apologies for the TL;DR quasi-rant. Here's my question: What exactly am I doing wrong to have such a low number of matches? Can I get someone to review my profile or something? Is it my photos? They're all basically me in places I find aesthetic (for example, rowing a boat on a mountain lake, or standing on the Champs-Elysees in Paris). I'm an average-weight 6'0 white guy (I have kind of a pudgy baby face, but it's not that bad ) and I always wear either button-up collared shirts or polo shirts. My prompts include what I imagine as an ideal date (museum-hopping + coffee/food + movie), my values (being family-oriented), my interests (writing, history, fantasy, musical theater, G&S operettas), and the fact that I want to try out horseback riding at some point. I'm also at a very strong law school in a big metropolitan area and have a very nice "biglaw" job lined up for after graduation (although I don't bring this up on my profile since it's obviously not a current role)
This isn't a rant, it's an honest question. I am totally new to this, and I would greatly appreciate any and all CMB-specific advice (as there seem to be some big differences between the demographics of this app and some others!)
Thanks! :)
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2021.09.26 07:57 silverpotato23 Looking to sell my Asia Genshin account Ar 50

I quit the game. I asked a guy to rate my account, i have no idea about the prices, but he said it would go fo 160-180$. Can negotiate :) (C0 unless otherwise specified)
5 stars: Xiao, Ayaka, Eula, Jean, Mona, Qiqi..
4 stars: C6 Yanfei, C5 Beidou, C5 Xinyan, C3 Barbara, C3 Diona, C2 Sucrose, C2 Ningguang, C1 Noelle, C1 Kaeya, C1 Amber, C1 Lisa, C1 Xingqiu, Sayu, Razor, Xiangling, Fishcl, Rosaria, Chongyung
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2021.09.26 07:57 svanapps r/CryptoCurrency - Turkey and China Outlaw Crypto to Divert Attention from their Failing National Currencies

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2021.09.26 07:57 OhSoYouWannaPlayHuh This made my balls flinch

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2021.09.26 07:57 MrBigChest Which movie should have ended shortly before the real ending?

I just finished watching Leaving Las Vegas, which was a brilliant movie but can’t help but think that the final scene of Sera speaking with the therapist was unnecessary.
Ben moving his hand off of Sera’s dress was the absolute perfect ending and it should have stayed that way.
Which movies do you think overstayed their welcome and should have cut to the credits at an earlier scene?
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2021.09.26 07:57 disneywxrld lana roasting marshmallows by the fireplace 🪵

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2021.09.26 07:56 Zekr0m Proof that Bottas is Undervalued.

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2021.09.26 07:56 deefswen Muslims Spot 14-Year-Old Boy Near Pool, Then The UNTHINKABLE Happens... #EUROPE_GERMANY

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2021.09.26 07:56 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 07:56 eddmario Basically sae in a nutshell

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2021.09.26 07:56 ffffff222666 New ig post

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2021.09.26 07:56 Alt_Crane Anyone experiencing Vyvanse headaches and have solutions to the headaches?

I was diagnosed with Autism this spring. Life changing as a 38YO woman. I recently started on Vyvanse 30mg chewables as recommended by my psychologist to help with anxiety parylalsis and executive functioning. These last few weeks have been nothing short of amazing with regards to executive functioning. It also stops the OCD cyclical thoughts, and completely calms my brain. I am still able to hyper focus and it doesn’t give me creative blocks or brain fog like other SSRI’s have done in the past. However, I’m having raging headaches at the end of the day and nothing can help them. I don’t normally get headaches.
Has anyone experienced this? Do they go away over time? Are there any suggestions you have to help combat these headaches? I want to continue treatment, there are no crashes and I feel like it lasts a good 10-12 hours before wearing off. But the headaches are getting to be unbearable at night. Would love any feedback or your experience. Maybe the dose is too high? I know 30mg is standard, but 🤷🏻‍♀️.
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2021.09.26 07:56 dshortey Amid attention on Petito case, Native mother seeks justice

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2021.09.26 07:56 Elegant_Recording_11 Looking for pg for rec or park Ps4 55%win naeast psn-carlitoschen

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2021.09.26 07:56 Solo-den Anthem was fun

Played this game a year ago and I loved it even though it wasn't perfect and needed more content. I have never played a better looter shooter and if there's a sequel or it comes back, I'll be so happy.
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2021.09.26 07:56 Gary-Niger Monkey Love

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