2021.09.26 07:38 Asha_5656 TokenTanks

The market is not in place, I go with him in the leg and then I saw a company that surprises me still, I just love everything connected with it, just come in and look at everything and you realize that this is what you need today!#DeFi #Gaming #NFTs #PlaytoEarn #P2E #Ethereum #NFTGaming #TankUp #TankArmy #TokenTanks #NFTCommunity #NFTGiveaway #NFTCollector
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2021.09.26 07:38 SpringDayWarmth Why the leopard rainbow?

I feel like I've looked everywhere online but can't find an explanation of the leopard rainbow I've seen all around for 'Mental Health Matters.' I'm stumped :(
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2021.09.26 07:38 TheNewYorkeThoms We are so lucky to have this band

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2021.09.26 07:38 thenamecraig Need advice on meeting potential romantic partners

This question has probably been asked hundreds of times on this thread but I am too lazy to look for them lol. I am a male junior transfer student who feels romantically helpless. I tried out rushing for fraternities but it didn’t feel like the right fit for me. I have tried using dating apps in the past, however I have had little to no luck. The last partner I had was around 1.5 years ago and I have had any romantic encounters since. Does anyone have any piece of advice? I am going to look into some clubs to join, which is probably a good start.
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2021.09.26 07:38 actuallymulan Straw poll: Trump influence among Michigan Republicans might be waning - The Detroit News

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2021.09.26 07:38 peachersen Dear Diary

I left my journal at home and I need a place to get this out, feel free to share your thoughts or experiences.
I was listening to an episode of an infertility podcast that focused on intuitive eating which has me thinking. I'm no stranger to the concept, but I have been struggling for quite a while. I'm currently seeing an eating disorder therapist again and we're in the getting-started stage.
One thing that really sunk in from the podcast tonight was being generally stressed out by food. I've always seen food as the soothing factor, but I'm kind of shifting that view to the reality that food actually causes me inordinate amounts of stress for several reasons. My thoughts tonight:

  1. I am in a cycle right now where I spend a lot of time thinking about when I can eat next, and I eat as soon as there's room in my stomach (I had the gastric sleeve two years ago). Anticipating when I will get my next fix stresses me out.
  2. Constantly feeling like there's something "wrong" with me that needs to be "fixed" causes me stress. And it is a disordered thought. It is the guilt and shame of the eating disorder. Realizing which thoughts are the disorder talking helps me compartmentalize it and acknowledge the thought for what it is. Disordered, untrue...acknowledge the thought and let it go. There is nothing wrong with me. Nothing needs to be fixed. I am functioning in a way that I learned was safe, and kept me safe, for years. I can learn new ways to keep myself safe and soothed. Food can still be one, but I can choose another way that works just as well, or better.
  3. Worrying that I will continue to gain weight until I am back to where I was pre-surgery causes me the most stress I think. I am terrified by the thought of experiencing the pain and discomfort I was in again by going back to my pre-surgery weight. Allowing that fear to drive my actions has set me on a course of self-fulfilled prophecy. I am soothing myself with food over the fear of something that has not happened. Centering myself in the present and fully internalizing the belief that IN THIS MOMENT, I AM OKAY, and if I am not okay, asking my self what I need to be okay, will stop the fear-driven behavior in its tracks or otherwise allow me to address an unmet need.
  4. I am currently reliving a lot of old hurt after moving back in with my parents temporarily. My childhood is where my disordered thinking stems from. I am viewing this experience as a learning opportunity....I can see from an adult perspective things that I did not have the capacity to understand as a child or adolescent. It's helping me work through things, but healing will be difficult while I am in the environment that created the disorder. Trying to force myself to heal, or put pressure on myself to "fix" what's "wrong" with me under these circumstances puts undue stress on myself, and is unfair and unrealistic.
My mind is kind of blank now, so I think that's all I have. What kind of realizations have you had in your healing process?
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2021.09.26 07:38 annasbananas_ Ended up making a tiny pillow/cushion for a friend with this design

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2021.09.26 07:38 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 07:38 AlexAusFrankfurt Sonntags🗳Thread!

Guten Morgen, meine Lieben!
Es ist Bundestagswahl und auch ich möchte euch alle dazu aufrufen und ermutigen, wählen zu gehen!
Das ist kein Hexenwerk sondern ein Privileg, von dem ihr Gebrauch machen solltet.
Wie gehts euch denn sonst so? Was macht das Leben, unabhängig von der Politik?
Lieber Gruß,
Der Alex
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2021.09.26 07:38 Alkit777 Cyclone Gulab LIVE: Ganjam administration alerts people, closes beaches in Odisha

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2021.09.26 07:38 AMoroboshi The "6 Feet" Rule That DESTROYED The Economy Came Out of THIN AIR

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2021.09.26 07:38 marshymoo2 Help I dreamed about him what do I do

I miss my friend. I had a dream we were dating and we were so happy. Admittedly, I have thought about us dating but I never took it seriously. It's been over a year since we last talked and I suddenly can't stop thinking about him. Am I just that lonely? We had so much fun together. Sometimes I see him and we just stare and walk away. Nothing bad ever happened, we just drifted apart. What should I do I feel like I'm losing my mind over this guy.
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2021.09.26 07:38 Fluteturtle What are your best harmless insults?

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2021.09.26 07:38 Sweet_Mix1476 UniqueBlocks - Inspired by genesis blocks of different blockchains for dapps. | UniqueBlocks 003 Genesis block Ethereum. | Only 150 exclusive blocks. | The first were launched in Solsea. | Join the comments that there are giveaways for early Discord members!!

UniqueBlocks - Inspired by genesis blocks of different blockchains for dapps. | UniqueBlocks 003 Genesis block Ethereum. | Only 150 exclusive blocks. | The first were launched in Solsea. | Join the comments that there are giveaways for early Discord members!! submitted by Sweet_Mix1476 to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 07:38 Voidego2 Opinions about God/Goddess x Follower

Takemikazuchi x Mikoto
Hephaestus x Welf
Miach x Naaza
First of all no i will not add (Hestia x bell) and secondly am i the only one that thinks loving someone immortal is kinda bad when you die like wth u just gonna hang out when ur 80 and ur lover still looks 20 even tho their 4000+ ?
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2021.09.26 07:38 violentpasta612 Hypos?

Curious is hypoglycemia common with GD?I was only diagnosed about a week ago barely, I’ve been monitoring for 2 weeks my numbers have been decent.Today I woke up with extreme dizziness my sugar was fine.I ended up taking a nap because of horrible vertigo I drank water took a shower and started to feel shakey and my number was 60.I’ve never seen my number go below 70.Are hypos a common and as serious as actual diabetic hypoglycemia?
I will add I’m also somewhat anemic and have been taking iron for about 2 weeks so I’m not sure what dizziness is related to my bp was fine.Now I’m just overly concerned about having lows while I’m sleeping or in general.Is it common?
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2021.09.26 07:38 maddieforgotpassword What

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2021.09.26 07:38 AlohaGold88 Your feedback is important to us. At Questrade, we believe that the best way to improve is by actively listening to our customers. Do you have general feedback about your experience with Questrade, or is this feedback about a specific issue or new request?

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2021.09.26 07:38 BobbylinaJoe Did anyone else not receive their August 28th score?

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2021.09.26 07:38 CookiesMan20187 Hey sexy you want some jelly beans?

Just kidding, sexy people aren’t supposed to eat jelly beans…
drops jelly beans AAAHHHHHHH!
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2021.09.26 07:38 simplerecipesk Air Fried Plantain Chips Snacks. Super Crunchy

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2021.09.26 07:38 13sonic How is Quinn Snyder still coaching jazz despite not being able to get them deeper in the playoffs?

Looking at the magic head coach who just got hired now. I feel like he has some promise but the summer league ain't nothing like the regular season and playoffs. Hopefully he is successful and gets them far but it's unlikely considering how Orlando dumps coaches.
This led me to to Jazz. How is Quinn still coaching that team for so many years and not getting them to a WCF?
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2021.09.26 07:38 Junior_Importance_30 What's your opinion?

Who do you think will win that crazy-ass fight near the end of episode 14 of sotsu? I really hope it's Satoko. Or do you think they'll come to some Stalemate?
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2021.09.26 07:38 NotSoSuperMario Math word problem presented as a breakup

I saw a meme last night that I'm having a lot of trouble finding again, it was phrased like a math problem basically finding the hypotenuse of a triangle but focused on a breakup. Something like "if girl walks north angrily at 5 meters per second and guy walks west pausing to look back wistfully at 10 meters per minute how long will it take them to get on with their lives"
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2021.09.26 07:38 Faction_Chief /r/news -

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