My Talons of the Emperor, for when I am tired of my space elves dying.

2021.09.26 07:48 CrimsAK My Talons of the Emperor, for when I am tired of my space elves dying.

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2021.09.26 07:48 orangelechuga Okay people. Second “date” was a little weird, what the heck did I do wrong

There’s a girl in my communications class I like, and so things started when I asked that we start doing homework/study together, which we did for a few times before I finally asked her to go get some food, I canceled on her the first time but we did it finally, on Thursday. Was super great she enjoyed the food, then I offered to go back to my place for a movie, you know, usual stuff, so we went back, played some video games, watched a movie and she left. She texted me she had a great time.
So yesterday I asked if she wanted to hang out again, she said yeah but this time I offered a hangout at my place so she came along and did a lot of the same thing, except this time, on my bed, chatting and laughing over games/movies but this time I was being much flirtier, which got good reactions, so I went for it and asked if I could kiss her but she said she wasn’t sure, so I immediately backed off and we continued to watch what was on. She started to fall asleep and I let her, for about 30 mins, when I woke her up and offered to take her back but she was like nooo 30 more minutes, which was weird but I agreed, and she ended up sleeping for 3 whole hours. She got super embarrassed when she woke up and found out and I kept saying it was alright, and she stayed for another hour, before leaving around midnight, which she acted super reluctant about doing, but after all the tantrums she finally left lol.
I’m sitting here super confused, cringing about the whole thing lol what the hell did I do wrong?????
Edit: I’m 22, she’s 20
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2021.09.26 07:48 Illustrious-Sort9506 👀 Scнооl GіrІs FіIɛs 👀

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2021.09.26 07:48 Magic_Orcat I think I know why Monty is so much more called out than the other Glamrocks

So I watched the GTLive video last night, and when MatPat said something along the lines of 'Steel Wool could be misdirecting us by saying "It's about Vanny, but really it's about Monty, but really it's about Vanny." And Glitchtrap could be, like, possessing him' (I'm not sure something like that) and that got me thinking. What if Monty's like Vanny's right-hand gator throughout the game? That would pit him out as a more important animatronic than the rest of the Glamrocks, and also explain his voiceline in the trailer; "You will do as I say! You will bring me what I want! And if you fail me, then you will... Both of you... Burn!" We initially thought that this was Monty yelling at Gregory and Vanessa, or Gregory and G.R. Freddy, or G.R. Freddy and Vanessa. What if he's commanding Roxanne and G.R. Chica to go find Gregory, and when they fail him he breaks them? Now, after I had this thought then I realized; "Wait, then why's Monty broken in the new teaser in Episode 2?" Perhaps he failed Vanny, and now has to suffer the consequences.
But here's another thought; Why does Monty still look like he's working in the teaser when Chica looks like she's been KO'ed harder then a child in Fredbear's mouth? I'm thinking that he either A. Wants vengeance on Vanny or B. Still wants to complete the task that he was given. Or maybe there's another option.
When I looked at the teaser, I thought that the cracks were a little iffy. And by 'iffy' I mean that it looks like some of the cracks are coming off of his jaw. Almost like they're tentacles.
Now hear me out, I've always thought that the 'cracks' on G.R. Chica looked kinda sus, there are cracks in the weirdest places, like on her feathers and on her toes. And a lot of them look too curvy and way too dark to be just a crack.
Recently, at the end of episode 1 and in a leak in the static, there were tentacles slithering through the static. Perhaps the tentacle monster is possessing the animatronics after Monty or Vanny break them? Or maybe the tentacle monster breaks them itself.
Another thing I found interesting about the teaser is that Monty's jaw appears to be broken, at least his top jaw is. His teeth also appear to be longer. I've had a theory for a while now that Monty will bite someone in the game (that theory will be in the comments) and his broken jaw might be the aftermath after biting someone.
I also thought back to the Fazbear Frights books and Andrew. And also the curly-haired-Monty-teaser kid from a while back that people talked about for a whole week before never bringing it up again. And I was thinking; what if they're the same? Or at least, CHMTK is Andrew's in game equivalent. Think about it, Andrew is described to have curly hair and an alligator mask in The Man in Room 1280.
Uncategorized observations that are also somewhat important but might also just be me overthinking -One of his voicelines in Fury's Rage is "I'm hoppin' mad!" Why would he say that? Gators don't really hop, but you know what does? Bunnies like Vanny.
-He can break through the gates whereas Roxanne can't, and also has the highest power stat in Fury's Rage, meaning that he is the strongest out of the glamrocks (also explaining how in the fried kentucky chicken he managed to rip a light fixture off of a wall)
-He's much more in the shadows than the other Glamrocks on the stage, and his neck also snaps into place when all 4 are revealed at once (most likely an animation error but here's the video, decide for yourself.
-Maybe the different logo with Monty in it signifies different levels of a breach in security/how dangerous an animatronic is? For example, maybe a logo with Roxanne would be a low-level security breach, G.R. Chica would be the next level, then Monty, then G.R. Freddy as the highest level of security breach. Just my two cents.
-He's holding two guns in his Fazer Blast cutout, whereas Roxanne and G.R. Chica are only holding one, and he's pointing them both at G.R. Freddy at the Fazer Blast counter, potentially foreshadowing a fight between them in the game.
-In Fury's Rage, he's wearing purple pants rather than the green spotted pants he wears in Security Breach. Who else is green, wears purple pants/shorts and is weirdly strong with anger issues? The Incredible Hulk. (Probably just a cool referance but now I want to hear him say 'Monty smash!' Or something in the game lol)
-Did you know that alligators can climb trees? And that there are trees in the golf course? So now we might have to deal with him jumping you from the trees? Yeah, fun!!!! So fun!!!
-He has a camper trailer in the golf course. It's probably a cutout but just imagine Monty running you over with an entire CAMPER TRAILER. That'd be both incredibly frustrating and hilarious at the same time.
I know I used the word 'maybe' and synonyms of 'maybe' a lot, but isn't that what a theory/speculation is?
Anyways, that's just a theory. A GATOR THEORY! Thanks for reading.
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2021.09.26 07:48 Smooth_Can3897 ipad air or ipad pro?

i’m in my first year of university and wanna get an ipad for notes and such! i currently have a 2017 macbook air which is in good condition that i’ve been using, but i would like to get an ipad in addition to that. i was wondering if there’s a huge difference between these two ipads? i’m not planning on doing anything extensive on it and the ipad air is quite cheaper, but if the ipad pro is substantially better i wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for it
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2021.09.26 07:48 goddesslover2122 Mikayla Demaiter

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2021.09.26 07:48 adotmatrix When intensive care unit beds are full, who gets admitted in a pandemic?

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2021.09.26 07:48 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 07:48 WilsonX702 (M 33)Felt strong today. Tell me how your Saturday is going?

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2021.09.26 07:48 -M-S-G- I did the challenge to dye my hair pink...

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2021.09.26 07:48 Jayrey_84 I've been teaching myself how to draw tessellations

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2021.09.26 07:48 BroMandi IRWIN Tools Standard Drywall Jab Saw $2.80 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or $25+ [Deal Price: $2.80]

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2021.09.26 07:48 Tahamaraf Scorpion genuine project good ratings and in my opinion it is reasonable to join this project because I saw they have future development.A clear and impressive concept.This project has a very bright future.
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2021.09.26 07:48 AdrylasRs Easy treasure trail completed.

I have completed an easy treasure trail.
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2021.09.26 07:48 RhythmicCacophony Reason why zombification only effects certain mobs instead of all of them

A popular theory within the minecraft lore community is that there is some sort of zombie virus and it's what brought about the destruction of the ancient builder's civilization. This idea is evident by the numerous amount of zombies resembling Steve in the overworld, the drowned zombie variants which spawn in abundance near ocean ruins, the secret laboratories underneath igloos that researched how to cure villager zombification, villagers transforming into zombie villagers when attacked by zombies, abandoned villages that are full of zombie villagers, piglins being terrified of zombified piglins as well as zoglins, and piglins/hoglins transforming into zombified piglins/zoglins when leaving the nether.
All this evidence is pretty indicative that a zombie virus exists and its probably what left the world in such a ruined mess when we the player spawn. But there is one pretty big question, why doesn't everything in the overworld have a zombie variant of itself? I mean if there really is some sort of zombie virus then why aren't there zombie cows or zombie spiders or zombie wolves, etcetera? Why is it that only certain mobs can become zombie versions of themselves?
At first I thought this was because the zombie virus only effected humanoid creatures (ancient builders, villagers, and piglins) and does not impact animals due to how difficult it is for a virus to jump species. However, this idea is disproven by zoglins and zombie horses. Which are clearly zombified versions of hoglins and horses respectively, neither of which are humanoid.
So where does that leave us? Well, since hoglins and horses also have zombie variants of themselves it must mean that being humanoid isn't what allows the zombie virus to infect you. So since that's the case, what is it that connects ancient builders, villagers, piglins, hoglins, and horses? Well, while this might sound strange, the answer is the nether.
What do I mean by this? Well, every single mob that has a zombie variant of itself has at one point or another ventured off to the nether despite originating from the overworld...
Ancient Builders: They must have constructed the ruined nether portals since obsidian can only be created in the overworld. Additionally they must have also constructed the nether fortresses, and probably the bastions too, since said structures contain ores (iron and diamond) that can only be found in the overworld.
Villagers: Wandering traders can drink invisibility potions which means that they would need a brewing stand (and thus blaze rods) as well as nether wart and blaze powder. All of which can only be acquired from the nether. Additionally, clerics also utilize brewing stands. Furthermore they also sell glowstone (java) or glowstone dust (bedrock), both of which can only be acquired from the nether.
Piglins/Hoglins: They literally spawn in the nether and are very obviously the descendants of pigs. They were probably pushed into the nether by the ancient builders to test if it was safe. Later being used as a food source until eventually evolving into hoglins/piglins.
Horses: Horse armor can be found in nether fortresses which means horses were probably ridden into the the nether by the ancient builders.
Thus, it's clear that these zombie capable mobs are connected by the fact that they all went to the nether despite originating from the overworld. But what exactly is it about the nether that made them susceptible to zombification? Well, I believe it was the soul energy of the nether. Which infected each and everyone of these zombie capable mobs via nether wart, a fungus which utilizes the soul energy from soul sand to grow.
How? Well, the ancient builders, villagers, and piglins have shown evidence of crafting potions which requires nether wart, and thus soul energy, to be brewed. Meaning all three races have ingested the nether's soul energy via their use of potions. As for hoglins and horses, they were likely fed nether wart which is evident by the fact that it only naturally generates in bastions and nether fortresses. After all, mushrooms are seemingly the only kind of natural food source to the nether and thus it makes sense that that's what the ancient builders would feed their animals. Meaning the pigs and horses they brought with them to the nether would have been infected by it's soul energy via eating nether wart.
Thus, the nether's soul energy infected every single one of the zombie capable mobs. And since that's the commanility between all of them, it is very likely the very thing that causes them to be zombified. Which makes sense when you consider the wither. A soul energy monstrosity that oddly enough does not attack zombified versions of ancient builders, villagers, piglins, hoglins, and horses. Perhaps because it recognizes that they too are soul energy monstrosities.
Additionally, in the same way piglins/hoglins are terrified of zombified piglins/zoglins, they are also terrified of soul energy. They will flee from soul fire, soul torches, and soul campfires in exactly the same way they flee from zombie versions of themselves. Perhaps because they know that there is a correlation between soul energy and zombification.
Overall, there is a lot of evidence that suggests the nether, specifically soul energy passed on via nether wart, is responsible for a mob being susceptible to the zombie virus. It would perfectly explain why the very specific set of mobs vulnerable to zombification are vulnerable to it. As well as why others aren't.
That said, what do you think? Am I on to something here, or am I totally off?
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2021.09.26 07:48 ggochi Flag of Daedong youth group - anti communism youth group in Korea (1947~1948)

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2021.09.26 07:48 NgaiSiMan What's it like travelling with a South African passport?

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2021.09.26 07:48 Few_Abbreviations404 [USA-NY] [H] Paypal, Cash [W] x570 or b550 ITX mobo w/ 2.5gbe

Looking for x570 or b550 itx mobo with 2.5gbe network port.
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2021.09.26 07:48 BroMandi IRWIN Tools Standard Drywall Jab Saw $2.80 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or $25+ [Deal Price: $2.80]

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2021.09.26 07:48 Drunksteam t

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2021.09.26 07:48 frustratedkids Found Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Golf ball marker and golf ball in Japan

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2021.09.26 07:48 sushi_doge something extremely unexpected has happened to me.

i have fallen in love with my possible future step-brother, like just romantic though.
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2021.09.26 07:48 Lm837261839383 As an employee my BIGGEST pet pea working here in maxis is literally people asking me “ is there any discounts” when they don’t own a Macy card” like what gives ?!

Btw, some ppl are so understanding but some are not
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2021.09.26 07:48 marias444 Whats wrong with the picture?

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